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What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is an elective, outpatient, cosmetic surgery procedure that eliminates the deepest wrinkles in the forehead while simultaneously lifting the brows back to their original, higher position. It is sometimes called a forehead lift or an eyebrow lift. This procedure corrects the sagging and deep wrinkling in the forehead while lifting the eyebrows and upper eyelids. It shouldn’t be confused with an eyelid lift, called a blepharoplasty, which treats the upper and lower eyelids but not the brow or forehead.

Good Candidates for a Brow Lift

Healthy men and women who are concerned about sagging brows and deep wrinkles in the forehead are generally good candidates for a brow lift.

The Causes of Forehead Wrinkling and Brow Sagging

As we age, the muscles and tissues in the face begin to weaken and the bones begin to shrink. As the skull bones become slightly smaller, and the musculature and tissues shrink, the skin begins to sag. Further, years of making facial expressions, particularly squinting and frowning, contribute to this phenomenon.

The Brow Lift Procedure

Under local anesthesia and sedation, incisions are made in the scalp around the ears and hairline. These are perfect incision sites because they create easy access to the brow and the resulting scars are hidden in the hair and behind the ears. After incisions are made, tiny “anchors” are used to brow in a higher, natural and youthful position. The patient goes home to recover. Other than a slight headache, which can be addressed with over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol and the application of ice packs, my Dayton brow lift patients recover rapidly and are delighted with their fresh, younger-looking appearance.

Recovery From a Brow Lift

Minimal scarring and a very rapid recovery time are the hallmarks of my brow lifts. My patients generally take 3-5 days from work, depending upon the nature of their activities. Those involved in heavy lifting, such as Fedex delivery or similar, are urged to take more time off work to avoid headaches from lifting heavy items. Similarly, aggressive exercise should be delayed for 4-6 weeks after a brow lift. Walking is an excellent exercise following nearly any kind of cosmetic procedure, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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