Emsculpt in Dayton OH: Why we don’t offer Emsculpt and what you should know

Woman Showing off Sculpted Toned Abdomen

Many people consider cosmetic procedures to achieve the toned look they desire.

If you’ve been considering a cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of your abdomen, buttocks, calves, thighs, triceps or biceps, you may have heard about a relatively new procedure called Emsculpt which was recently approved by the FDA. Because of the hype surrounding the new procedure and its classification as non-invasive, you may even be considering it. Of course, before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to be well-informed and educated on how it works, the risks, benefits, and what can be expected in terms of reasonable, realistic results. Here are the facts about this new technology as well as my professional evaluations as to whether or not it’s an option you might wish to consider.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an FDA-approved body contouring procedure that uses electromagnetism (hence the “EM” in the name) to produce a rapid series of involuntary muscle contractions, effectively simulating similar body responses to those resulting from exercise. More specifically, Emsculpt utilizes a technology called “high-intensity focused electromagnetic field,” or HIFEM, to produce its results. By applying this intense electromagnetic energy to an area of the body, it produces tens of thousands of involuntary muscle contractions, strengthening their fibers and also causing the body to produce the lactic acid and other chemical byproducts that you’d expect from a workout. The procedure is classified as non-invasive, and, when performed, has been characterized by patients as a tingling sensation comparable to a limb “falling asleep” – just many times more intense, with the subsequent recovery period similar to what would be expected after a very intense, lactic acid building workout.

Is Emsculpt Effective?

As has been determined by studies reviewing Emsculpt efficacy and safety, and can be expected considering its approval by the FDA, the HIFEM technology utilized by Emsculpt does produce a high rate of patient satisfaction with regards to improvements in their appearance, and visible aesthetic improvements in photographs for most patients, following “four 30-minute treatments.” It was also concluded to be safe and comfortable, with no adverse events being observed.

Candidates for Emsculpt Treatment

As with any cosmetic treatment, favorable results – in terms of both safety and in effectiveness – depend on selecting the correct, appropriate procedure for a patient’s needs and expectations, and that the patient is a suitable candidate for that procedure. One of the challenges with Emsculpt is that it has a fairly specific ideal candidate. Both men and women are eligible for Emsculpt, though women who are pregnant are not candidates for the procedure.

Athletic Woman Lifting Weights Working Out Biceps

Ideal Emsculpt candidates exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Notably, candidates for Emsculpt are already near (or at) their ideal body weight and are generally seeking just a bit extra muscle tone and definition. An Emsculpt candidate should exercise regularly and consume a healthy diet. Emsculpt is most suitable for patients looking to address a small amount of stubborn fat in the areas for which it has been approved, which, again are the abdomen, buttocks, calves, thighs, triceps or biceps. However, patients seeking to address larger amounts of stubborn fat, and/or in any other body areas, may discover that Emsculpt is not the ideal treatment for them.

Professional Evaluation: Why I Don’t Offer Emsculpt

There are a few considerations given all this information that result in my determination to not offer this treatment here at my locations around Dayton OH. Emsculpt is only an ideal treatment for a very specific candidate, as discussed above, but for those seeking results outside of those specific conditions, it would not be effective at producing the results or an adequate level of satisfaction to meet their needs and objectives. The reasonable, realistic expectations from the procedure would not be suitable for most patients.

Emsculpt may not be suitable if you are looking to address concentrated areas of stubborn body fat.

Also, note that the studies determining the effectiveness evaluate the results after a series of four treatments. At the time of publishing this article, this would cost approximately $3,000. Combined with the proportionally low amount of improvement in patients looking to lose more significant amounts of stubborn fat, particularly when compared to other treatment options, this makes it very cost ineffective for them as well. In the interest of producing the best, most satisfying results for my patients, despite its non-invasive appeal, offering Emsculpt would present a misleadingly promising option that ultimately wouldn’t produce the level of satisfaction desired and deserved by the patients who trust me to help them achieve their body contouring goals.

Body Contouring Treatments in Dayton, Ohio

If you’re considering a body contouring procedure, hopefully this information has been valuable to you in determining whether Emsculpt would be a suitable option for you. If you are interested in working together to determine which procedure and treatment plan would best help you achieve your goals, set up your consultation today! You’ll meet personally with me and we will work together to come up with a plan to best meet your needs and expectations. Call (937) 839-4681 or message us securely to set up your consultation and begin your journey to a happier you!

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