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BOTOX ® is the well known trade name for botulinum toxin type A. This product is injected into the muscle and provides a paralysis that is localized. By weakening the muscle the creases or wrinkles associated with the muscle activity are decreased. The most common areas of treatment are horizontal forehead lines, corrugator creases between the eyes and the classic crows feet present lateral to the eye. There is high patient satisfaction with these treatments and there are minimal negative side effects.

Our Dayton BOTOX ® practice utilizes a cooling device to pretreat the skin before injection, the goal is to provide a more comfortable experience and the cold also causes vasoconstriction which decreases the risk of bruising after the treatment. Botox has some secondary uses as in controlling hyperactive sweat glands of the armpit, hands and feet. It also may be utilized to treat the platysmal bands which are present in the anterior neck.

We have the unique partnership with our patients in regards to the utilization of Botox. It is important that Botox be used within a short period of time after reconstitution. We pre-book and pre-sell the bottle of Botox prior to opening it. This ensures that the patient is getting the most potent Botox possible and also at the best price since there is no waste from each bottle, a price that is normally passed along to the consumer. This is truly a win-win situation, we encourage you to give our program a try.

Finding The Best BOTOX ® In Dayton

BOTOX ® must be diluted with saline (sterile salt water) and must be used within a very short window of time in order to be effective. Some Dayton BOTOX ® practices choose to over-dilute and/or inject BOTOX ® that is “past its prime.” In doing so, they can maximize their profits and sell it at what appears to be a bargain price. However, this will not deliver the same results, nor last as long, as BOTOX ® diluted to the manufacturer’s specifications and used within the correct window of time, and may even present risks and dangers to you as a patient. Read our article to learn how to reduce the risks when shopping for BOTOX ® in Dayton.

To ensure we offer the freshest product at the best price, we pre-sell BOTOX ® prior to opening the bottle. This allows us to offer 20 units of BOTOX ® for $229, opened the very same day you receive your injections.

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