Tired of seeing your “Zoom Face” all day? Here are some helpful tips for looking your best in video meetings!

If you’re unhappy with how you look on camera during video conference meetings, you’re not alone. After a year of being forced to look at our own faces on video all day long through conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom, many people find themselves experiencing some insecurity with how unappealing their face can appear through their webcam – a phenomenon so pervasive it’s become popularly referred to as “Zoom face” and even been mentioned on Forbes!

Unfortunately, video can sometimes be unflattering – even with professional cameras and sets. Inconsistent and often poor lighting, inexpensive webcams and the often very unfortunate camera angles common while using a laptop or phone work even harder against us to draw attention to the blemishes and features we already disliked about ourselves, but now can’t even avoid seeing all day long!

In fact, so many people are unhappy with their unfortunate “Zoom Face” that it’s lead to what’s been dubbed the “Zoom Effect” or “Zoom Boom” – a massive surge of interest and demand for cosmetic facial injectable fillers like BOTOX®, as well as cosmetic procedures including facelift and neck lift surgery – prompted by continually looking at our faces on-screen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are several easy things you can do to help reduce the appearance of “Zoom Face” while participating in video meetings throughout your work day:

  1. Improve your lighting. Lighting quality is one of the biggest factors in how you appear on camera. Light coming from the wrong direction can result in shadows that work against your facial features and actually enhance wrinkles and sags, and the wrong amount – or type – of light can reduce color quality and exposure. Natural light can be unpredictable if you’re doing meetings all throughout the day, so keep in mind that the angle and intensity of the light coming through your windows will change both as the sun moves across the sky as well as with the weather outside. Also, if you have too much or too direct natural light, it could wash out your face! You might want to consider setting up shop somewhere not directly near windows, where you have more control and more consistent light throughout the day. However, even when you’re using artificial light, the wrong color temperature light bulbs and even light filtering through colored lamp shades or globes can contribute an unfortunate hue to your skin and eyes. Try using bright, daylight bulbs and light, neutral color lampshades and globes for cleaner, more filtered lighting while on video. Avoid fluorescent bulbs and also remember that multiple, lower wattage light bulbs spaced more evenly will also be better than a stronger light coming from only one direction.
  2. Make some quick desk adjustments. Unfortunate camera angles and poor posture can make even your favorite supermodels look unappealing! Make sure you’re sitting at correct ergonomic positions at your desk – this can improve not only your appearance but also your overall health! If you’re using a laptop, consider using an external USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that you can position the computer more comfortably and sit with better posture, and a bit further away from your screen to avoid any fish bowl effects. They’re cheap and can make a huge difference for angling your webcam, while also improving the overall comfort of your workspace! If you still prefer working directly on your laptop, consider some laptop stands that can raise the screen to the correct level. A camera angled up towards your face can increase the appearance of neck fat and jowls, and generally tends to be fairly unappealing overall. Whether you’re on a computer, tablet or phone, you’ll find a far more flattering angle when the camera is slightly higher than your face and far enough away that you can maintain a comfortable, natural posture.
  3. Clean your camera lens! Dust, fingerprints and smudges can block light coming in to your camera and blur the image you and your co-workers see on screen. It’s easy to accidentally get a giant fingerprint on your camera while picking up your phone or adjusting the screen of your laptop. Using a non-abrasive cloth and cleaning solution (consult the manual of your phone, tablet or computer for the manufacturer’s recommendation), clean the lens of your camera to remove any dust and dirt. You might be amazed at what a difference a clean lens can make!

If you’ve tried those suggestions and are still feeling a bit insecure with how you look on screen, or you simply see this as the right opportunity to finally take action in pursuing your cosmetic goals – surgical or non-surgical – we’re here to help you with treatment options that can help! From injectable anti-wrinkle fillers like BOTOX® and Juvéderm, to the increasingly popular “Zoom Effect” facial cosmetic surgeries like facelift and neck lift, we will help you decide on the best treatment options to help you achieve your goals. Schedule your consultation now to take the next step against your dreaded “Zoom Face” so you can once again look and feel confident while you’re at work!

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