The Problem with Cheap BOTOX ®

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Ever hear about a super-cheap price on BOTOX ® and wonder why I  don’t (or won’t) offer similar prices? Think it’s because I’m focused on making more money? Although I need to make a living, I believe in fairness to my patients, both in the pricing and the quality of my services, treatments and products, including BOTOX ®, among others. To that end, it’s important that you understand the realities of super-cheap BOTOX ®.

Two Facts About BOTOX ®

Here are two important facts to know about BOTOX ®, both of which can affect the price and the length of time your BOTOX ® results will last.

  1. When BOTOX ® is shipped, it is not ready to inject right out of the box. Before injecting it, I must dilute the BOTOX ® powder with sterile saline (salt water) to manufacturer’s specifications, which is 1 unit of sterile saline to 1 unit of BOTOX ®.
  2. Once diluted, BOTOX ® has a “shelf life.” It loses potency with each passing day.

What You Get With Super Cheap BOTOX ®

Remember that old saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”? That’s the case with BOTOX ®. When you see a super-cheap price on BOTOX ®, which would be anything below $10 a unit, it could be because a spa or medical practice has a great deal of diluted BOTOX ® on hand and wants to get rid of it before it expires—or because it already has. It could be because the practice has over-diluted their BOTOX ® so it will “go further.” In other words, they added more sterile saline than recommended.

There are two consequences patients experience when they receive “old” BOTOX ® or BOTOX ® that has been over-diluted:

  1. Poor results: the muscles don’t relax as much as they should, and/or
  2. Results fade sooner than they should. In most patients, the results of BOTOX ® injections last 3-4 months. If the BOTOX ® is old or over-diluted, results might last only 30-60 days, perhaps even less.

From this, you can easily understand that it’s not a bargain if you get poor results or if you need to go back sooner for more BOTOX ®, right?

Why Our Dayton BOTOX ® is Superior

We “group” our BOTOX ® appointments close together so that I mix only the amount of BOTOX ® that I need on any particular day. This ensures that my patients always get the freshest and highest concentration of BOTOX ® available. Scheduling in this manner also saves you money. Our pricing of 20 units of BOTOX ® is $229, an excellent value.

If correction of wrinkles from aging is on your agenda, schedule your consultation with me by calling (937) 839-4681. I have 3 locations to choose from, so one of them will be near you. If you already know that BOTOX ® is what you want, be sure my receptionist knows your appointment is for BOTOX ® injections, so she schedules you on the best day.

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