5 Ways Your Face Ages As You Grow Older

Your Nose
As we age, the face begins shrinking, making your nose appear larger and wider. In addition, the tip of the nose can begin to droop. Solutions include fillers to help fill out the face, such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®, and the use of a filler to lift the tip of the nose. Beyond that, a long-term strategy involves a facelift and nose surgery.

Your Eyes
With aging, the eyes can appear more tired due to drooping of the forehead and/or brows. Bags beneath the eyes also contribute to the tired look and are both due to aging (sagging of the skin beneath the eyes) and inherited traits (your DNA). The size and shape of your eyes don’t change with age—they appear to because of the tissues around them, such as the forehead, eyelids and upper cheeks. These can all be treated with Botox and/or a facelift or eyelid or brow lift here at our Dayton cosmetic surgery practice.

Your Jawline
A youthful jawline has a sharp right angle from the jaw to the neck but, as we age, the jawbone shrinks, permitting the tissues and skin to droop. This jowling effect results in an S-shaped curve to the jaw and an aged appearance. While judicious use of fillers can help soften the appearance of jowls, the only thing that will make a tighter jawline and neck is a facelift or neck lift.

Your Eyebrows
Fortunately, as brows begin to drop with age, it’s a fairly simple correction with Botox every few months. If and when you reach the point that Botox doesn’t work enough magic, due to the ever-increasing drooping, an eyelift and/or brow lift can improve things.

Your Lips
Young lips are full and firm. The first sign of aging in the lip area is the presence of vertical lines above the top lip, often called “smoker’s lines,” even if you aren’t a smoker. This is a sign of volume loss in the lips, which can be improved with Juvéderm, fat transfer, or permanent lip enhancement that requires incisions at the sides of the mouth and insertion of permanent material into the lips.

The Bottom Line
Aging happens to all of us. If you want to look your best, at any age, see me in consultation at my Dayton cosmetic surgery practice. I have solutions that can help you look younger, not “done,” and boost your self confidence and happiness with your appearance. Call my office for a consultation or complete the form on this website.

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