The Dangers of DIY “Medical” Cosmetic Lasers

Popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon offer a variety of laser products marketed for personal cosmetic use for a variety of treatments ranging from minor skin blemishes and freckles to mole and even tattoo removal. Many people purchase and try these “DIY medical cosmetic lasers,” thinking they may be able to save themselves the cost…

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What is High Density PRP and Why Does it Matter?

Many of my patients have asked me about Platelet Rich Plasma injections as an alternative to injectables such as Juvéderm and others. I want you to know that there are cheap systems for drawing blood that separates out the platelet rich plasma but not in a sophisticated enough manner to give you the highest amount…

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Autumn Skin Revival

Did you know that sunshine is the biggest factor in premature skin aging? During the summer, the sun is closer to the earth and more of your skin is exposed to damaging UVA rays that age your skin. Although skin damage due to sun exposure is often invisible until much later—resulting in hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and…

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Do You Need Sunscreen in the Winter?

It might seem logical to ditch your sunscreen since winter skies are typically overcast compared with the rest of the year. I’m sure you know that the reflection of the sun’s rays on snow packs a powerful punch but did you know that up to 80% of the sun’s rays can reach your skin on…

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Sunscreen: Which Kind and How Much?

We all know that the sun’s rays, as comforting as they are, can damage your skin. Did you know that there are two specific types of rays that damage in two different ways? UVB rays burn the skin, and UVA rays age the skin, resulting in wrinkling and age spots. Too much exposure to either…

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