What is High Density PRP and Why Does it Matter?

Many of my patients have asked me about Platelet Rich Plasma injections as an alternative to injectables such as Juvéderm and others. I want you to know that there are cheap systems for drawing blood that separates out the platelet rich plasma but not in a sophisticated enough manner to give you the highest amount of growth factors that you want. After all, that is an important perspective about PRP: we want a product that has the highest amount of all the positive factors for PRP injections. I have 2 white papers independently done comparing the system I use to the other PRP systems that you might find in other physicians’ offices. You can see them at the bottom of this page.

The system I use is based on 2 processes for mechanical separation and is not a gel separation as is commonly used. Once the top part of the PRP is removed and a second process further concentrates the PRP, this higher density PRP has more growth factors (4-7 times the amount!), giving my patients a much better result. Since we don’t know how much PRP any given patient needs, the higher quality is, obviously, an advantage.

To achieve high density PRP, we need to have a product that has 4-7 times the baseline amount of growth factors.  There are simple tube methods and there are more sophisticated separation methods.  The tube method is similar to that used for drawing a specimen of blood for a lab test, which you probably have had performed in the past.  The EmCyte system that we employ uses a mechanical separating system first followed by a second refining and concentrating process, resulting in high levels of all the desired components, which are what lead to healing and regeneration.

If you are receiving a PRP treatment elsewhere you should ask the provider about the product they use to create your high density platelet rich plasma.  We have included results of some studies (below) which compare the EmCyte product to the majority of available competitors.  We provide this information so that you can make an informed choice when evaluating your treatment options.  Competitive products are: Arteriocyte Magellan, Stryker Regenkit THT, Eclipse PRP, Harvest/Terumo APC 60, Clear PRP and Arthrex Angel PRP products.  We hope that you find this information useful in determining your treatment options.

The Bottom Line
Ask your provider what they’re using to produce Platelet Rich Plasma.  If it’s a small blood tube, you may not be getting the most effective plasma. EMCYTE is the system that I use.

Look at the 2 white papers below to see what they have to say

about that PRP product.

Research Study #1: 
Comparison of EmCyte GS30-PurePRP® II, EmCyte GS60-PurePRP® II, Arteriocyte MAGELLAN, Stryker REGENKIT®THT, and ECLIPSE PRP

Research Study #2:
Comparisons of and EmCyte PurePRP® II 2015, Harvest/Terumo APC60,/Clear PRP, and Arthrex Angel PRP Products.


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