Toward A Healthier Spring!

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? By this time, many of us have, unfortunately, slid back into some of our old habits! If you’ve made changes in your lifestyle, congratulations! It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it!

Here are some tips to give you a healthier Spring!

1. Eat Green

Studies show that most Americans eat too many “white” foods, i.e., processed foods like chips, cookies and breads that have multiple ingredients, many of which you can’t even pronounce! Eating more veggies and focusing your carbs on what are called one-ingredient carbs (rice, potatoes, fruit) can go a long way to painlessly change your diet for the better.

2. Move It

None of us were athletes in this most recent Olympics, but we can all benefit from a bit of exercise. The benefit is derived from regular exercise, not the difficulty of that exercise. Just walking 15 minutes a day can give you a fresher outlook on your life and contribute to deeper sleep. Add 5 minutes more a week until you’re up to 30 minutes a day and you’ll really feel the difference!

3. Lose Those Lousy Lifestyle Habits

Are you still smoking? Many are, because it’s a tough habit to quit. The toxins that result from smoking, not to mention the damage to your lungs, makes your skin look old and saggy before your time! If you’re still smoking, check out hypnosis, which has worked very well for thousands. There are also state-sponsored non-smoking options for you if you click the link. You can do this!

4. Improve Your Sleep

Regardless what others tell you, 6 hours of sleep a night isn’t enough. Your body requires 8-9 hours a night to function at its best. Health Tip: Turn off the screens an hour before bed, as late-night technology fests can keep your brain from relaxing at bedtime. Shut off the bedroom TV before you fall asleep or—better yet—don’t have a TV in the bedroom. Lower the thermostat at night—too much heat interferes with deep sleep. And avoid exercise, stressful thoughts/discussions and alcohol before bed.

5. Drink up, Shriners

The idea that you need 6-8 glasses of water a day isn’t far from the truth! While your body may do well on less, pure water is an excellent method to clear toxins from your system, to energize the brain, and to plump up your cells with the hydrating power of H2O. Coffee and soda don’t count toward that total. Health Tip: Fill a pitcher with 30-40 oz. of water in the morning and add a sliced lemon. Drink it throughout the day.

6. Serve Up Gratitude

Every single day, every single one of us experiences something that’s not to our liking, yet we can choose what we focus on. Studies prove that engaging in negative thinking can actually cause disease! Health Tip: Make a plan to review all the wonderful things that are happening in your life on a daily basis. Write it down if you need to. By focusing on the good in life, we live a life of greater joy and happiness. I promise that will reflect itself in your physical and mental well-being.

The Bottom Line

Don’t neglect physical exercise as a way to improve and maintain both your body and brain! Remember that old saying: Use it or Lose it! What exercise plan have you created for yourself to make 2018 your healthiest year?

About Dayton OH Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Raymond Wolf