Why Winter Is Perfect for Certain Procedures

My Dayton cosmetic surgery patients come to me all year ’round. They undergo tummy tucks, liposuction, and Brazilian Butt Lifts, and other procedures regardless of the season. Many choose the summer months because they have accumulated vacation time that they use for recovery. However, I’ve had a higher number of patients during the winter for certain procedures, and there are two primary reasons for this:

  1. The ability to hide evidence of your treatment or procedure
    1. While you may feel good enough to go back to work after your procedure (and many of our patients are surprised how quickly they do!), you may have concerns about visible surgical incisions. Cold weather is a perfect foil for them, since you simply wear more clothing during the colder months! Slacks, jackets and scarves, all of which conveniently hide healing surgical scars, are worn more often during the winter months, giving you a way to conceal dressings or healing scars.
  2. The ability to be healed when the temps go up again
    1. Patients who have procedures during the colder winter months find that, come spring and summer, they’re completely healed and their incisions are fading, which allows them to feel comfortable exposing those treated areas in swimwear, shorts, sleeveless tops, etc.

If you’re thinking about an elective cosmetic surgery procedure in Dayton, don’t hesitate to look through our many before/afters in our Photo Gallery to see my work.

To your health and beauty,
Raymond Wolf, DO
Dayton Cosmetic Surgeon

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